While banks make billions-Aussie loan seekers look around

Banks are counting up their money

Banks are counting their half year profits in billions. They have so much spare cash that they don’t know what to do with it. Loan seekers are looking around to see how they can share in those billions.  They are they working  with their banking consultants to see how they can keep their businesses and farms secure and profitable by obtaining better loans. Sadly they often rely on people who are not really working for them at all – like bank paid brokers and counsellors. While loan seekers look for funds to expand, banks  buy back their own shares to use up some of their surplus profits.

Loan Seekers want the Honey

Farm loan seekers face a trifecta of major challenges with seasons, commodity prices and government policies driving many to distraction. But they want the honey – the sweetest loan they can get. Getting the honey always takes a bit of effort but it is worth every bit. The easy way to get the very best honey flavoured farm and business loans, is to spray a bit of smoke around and put the bankers into competition with each other. There is an Aussie farmer/accountant who ran his own businesses, sheep and cattle and  thinks that banks should be a lot fairer to their loan customers. His farm loan seeker website puts the banks & other lenders into the financial sale yards of www.farmloanseekers.au  to see what offers they can come up with when competing against each other for the farmer’s business. Bankers sure can sharpen their pencils when they want the business!

Experience Counts

Business loan seekers too need the very best loans, not just on rates and charges, but terms and conditions as well. GBAC founder Greg Bloomfield ran businesses in real estate development and equipment hire. He joined his first public company board when he was 21. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Directors by 24, just before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, CPA and company Secretary. He bought is first sheep property in the 1980’s and moved to cattle in 1990. Greg knows that the best family business security comes from having lenders compete for the loan business through www.businessloanseekers.au and having a consultant to whom your financial security is the absolute top priority.

It is staggering the number of businesses and farms that get wound up or closed down without ever seeking assistance with their loans and cash crises. GBAC has been doing that for half a century. It works partly because clients only deal with the bosses.

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