cost of living crisis

Cost-of-living crisis

Cost of living a burning issue

Cost-of-living crisis is top of mind of many Aussies in recent times.  Top of the list are late loan repayments.

Loan Default

Default is what a borrower does when they fail to meet loan contract terms due to late loan repayments. It is usually caused by a cost-of-living or cashflow crisis. Late loan repayments causing  a borrower to default on the loan agreement often result in the whole debt becoming due immediately. That can then lead to the home, farm or security property being sold up by the bank to clear the debt.

Cost of living causes problems for borrowers.

Many borrowers faced with lack of cash seem to hope the problem will just “go away”. It doesn’t! It is best to stay ahead of the game and initiate a call to the bank. If you are a business owner or farmer contact GBAC if you would like us to negotiate with your bank and or other trade creditors to give you breathing space. Mostly they will all help you once they know you have professional assistance and are doing your best to meet the loan terms. From a pure business perspective, they do not want to lose your business. They just want to know you are doing your best to fix the problem with professional guidance.

In one case we were called in to save the family home of a couple with three children. The bank was about to have the home auctioned. We had to move fast to deal with bankers, lawyers and sale trustees to prevent the sale and get the loan back on track.

Move fast for the agreement to last

In almost 40 years we have helped those who for one reason or another cannot make loan repayments on time. We have found very few cases where we cannot persuade the bank to give borrowers a break. Re-negotiation can restore loan repayments and continue the loan to its full term. The same applies to trade creditors.

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